Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OT Kings vs. Peter

I’ve been reading Jeremiah and Mark in the mornings for the past month or so and last week I read about two similar sets of circumstances with two totally different outcomes.  In Jeremiah I read about Old Testament kings who turned their backs on God to worship idols they had created with their own imagination and hands.  In Mark I read about Peter who personally walked with Jesus for years and then, during Jesus’ trial, totally disowned Him.  Both denied and betrayed God, but the OT kings were carried off into captivity and killed and Jesus told Peter to be the shepherd of the early church and that Peter would be used as a major player in establishing the Church!  Big difference.

I think the difference between the two is the relationship they had with God.  The OT kings had diminished God and equated Him to stone and gold man-made idols.  They had no relationship with Him and therefore felt no remorse until after they were captured and in exile.  Peter on the other hand had spent years in Jesus’ inner circle and the Bible says that as soon as Peter realized what he had done he “broke down and wept.”

Peter, unlike the OT kings, was full of remorse the moment he realized that he had betrayed God.

This made me think.  Do I only respond when I’m receiving consequences of my actions and I’m in pain?  Or do I respond with remorse when I realize my actions have caused God pain?  It’s a bit of both.  I want that relationship though.

God help me to have the kind of relationship Peter had with You.  Help me to love You and know Your heart.   Thank you for Your Grace Lord.  I love You.

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