Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Knighted and Queened

Sunday, June 29th marked the end of our series on faith in Kids Rock.  For ten weeks the kids had learned about faith through CS Lewis’ book Prince Caspian and parallel Bible stories.  Each week the kids got a new memory verse about faith.  From the beginning we let the kids know that if they memorized all 10 verses they would be able to be in a special coronation ceremony.  I had parents coming to me saying that their son kept talking about being knighted and daughters were memorizing their verses so that they could become queened.  Towards the end Marlene, our Kids Rock director, and I had kids calling us to say verses to us over the phone.  Every time I came to church kids attacked me with verses they’d memorized.  It was great!!!

Last week, at our coronation ceremony we had about 8 girls become queens and 3 boys become knights in God’s Kingdom.  It was great to hear these kids speaking the Word of God.

God let faith rise up in these great kids.  Bring those verses back to their minds, just when they need them.  Thank you Lord for Your Faithfulness.

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