Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Picture vs. Big Picture

I have been impressed lately with the importance of drawing close to God. When I come in contact with God's work I realize, my definite need to be close to God and only doing His work, His way. There are ways I think are right, I think will be easier, ways that make more sense to me, but I need to hear God's voice and follow His instructions.

Tonight I'm teaching the kids about Saul and the little picture vs. the big picture. Saul made all kinds of mistakes in his leadership because he was looking from his perspective, the little picture. He saw a way that made more sense to him than God's way, so he took it. Over and over he chose the way that made sense to him in the little picture, instead of following God's big picture. Eventually, the kingdom was taken away from him and he stopped hearing God's voice and guidance.

Reading about Saul's leadership helps me to put my leadership into the Big Picture perspective. I don't have the big picture, every once in a while I catch a glimpse of a portion of it, but most of the time I have the little picture perspective. God's the one with the Big Picture perspective. Reading about Saul really makes me ask, "When I'm up against a situation where God's way doesn't make sense and I see a different way that seems better, will I have enough faith to trust and follow Him?"

The nice thing is, God's instructions weren't some hidden mystery to Saul. God's way was clearly laid out so when Saul chose the wrong way, he knew he wasn't following God's way. God doesn't hide his way from me either.

There are days when I choose wrong, but I'm realizing more and more the need I have for God. For His way to trump my way every time. The need I have to be close to Him so that I can hear His instructions and follow through.

God, help me to have the faith to follow Your way every time. Thank you so much for who You are. Amen.