Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rewind to Palm Sunday

These are some thoughts shared with our congregation on Sunday about the first Palm Sunday when Jesus road into town on a donkey in Jerusalem.  I was trying to put together worship songs and had been praying about making the morning special and then BAM! I finished playing one of the songs and was transitioning to the next and these thoughts came to mind.  I knew it was God’s voice illuminating these thoughts to share Sunday morning.  These thoughts touched me and so I’ll share them with you today too.

“I wonder what he saw when he looked in their eyes that day.

“Do you think that when he felt the excitement of the crowd he thought of the crowd he would see at the end of the week too?  Do you think when He heard people shouting blessings and “Hosanna!  That he heard a different crowd shouting “Crucify him!”?

“And when they looked in his eyes what do you think they saw? (pause)  When he looked in their eyes I think he saw his mission, his purpose, his reason for it all.  I think when they looked in his eyes they saw goodness, they saw God, they saw Love.”

Praise God for His amazing love and sacrifice.

I love you, God!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I started thinking last night more about words and their creative power.  God spoke the world into existence.  Jesus was the Word become flesh.  It’s our prayers that bring about change, our communication, our words with God.  I was reading in Ezekiel this morning about the valley of dry bones being brought back to life.  God spoke to Ezekiel and asked Ezekiel to repeat what God said and when Ezekiel spoke God’s words the bones came together, flesh and tendons formed and then the breath of life came into the bodies!!!  Through the spoken word.

Our words have the same power, to bring death or give life.  God can create and bring life through our words.  I want to be a Word of Life bringer.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Anxiety, a gift.

I had a fantastic idea shared with me today.  God gives us the gift of anxiety as the Holy Spirit’s nudge and reminder to pray.  This just hit me as one of the most practical ways of looking at and dealing with anxiety.  I heard this four hours ago and already I’ve used it.  I think this could be a remarkable tool in my life.  Transforming worry into prayer.  Transforming worry into a reminder to pray for that specific situation!  What a wonderful idea!  Instead of spending my time in worthless fret I can spend my time building and conquering things with God!  This is incredible!  You try it to and let me know how it goes.