Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Sunday night I watched as my little brother took his first steps.  Yes, my mother and I watched as that 6’3” 18 year old boy, armed with only an overnight bag and winter coat broke into the world of walking on a college campus!!!  It was awesome!  The next day my brother, Craig, let me tag along with him on his campus tour of North Central University in Minneapolis, MN!


What a great school!  NCU has a beautiful, unique campus in the heart of the city and wonderful people!  I loved the atmosphere and community I felt in the hallways and skyways and classrooms and offices.  I got to go to their Monday chapel.  It was exhilarating to worship with so many college students and faculty and pastors visiting the campus.  The guest speaker was a pastor from DC who’s ministry and communication is gripping.  I felt such connection there.  I loved my school (Rock on Palm Beach Atlantic!), but NCU has a special familial quality, a familiarity that I greatly appreciate.  Yep, the warm fuzzies about a place I’d never really been before.  Yes, it was great.

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