Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interface, lifestyle of worship

This past weekend Highland Church had the great blessing of hosting Interface, an amazing band from Ft. Myers, FL.  This team is not only amazing because their music is of high caliber and quality, but because their lives exude worship to the Lord.  From the moment they introduced themselves to me, I could feel the love of God that fills their hearts.  Their words, actions and attitudes reflect the love of Christ and let everyone know their worship to the Lord is genuine and continuous on and off stage.


What a great example of worshiping God.  The musical worship Interface creates grows out of the rest of their lives.  That’s what God wants from each of us, isn’t it?  He doesn’t want to only receive worship through our singing and clapping and raising hands on a Sunday morning, but to receive worship from our everyday interactions.  He wants us to be worshipping Him by showing His love to the world around us through our words, actions and attitudes.  When we truly live our worship to Him, our Sunday mornings become the celebration and culmination of the rest of the worship that’s been going on for the week.  That’s what I was able to see with Interface.  They lived worship to God and their musical worship on Sunday grew out of the lifestyle of worship they have.  Who do you know that lives the example of a lifestyle of worship?  How can we become better at worshipping through our words, actions and attitudes, our lifestyles?


It’s my prayer that we will be able to live that lifestyle of worship.  That our worship together on Sundays will become something extraordinary because it will grow out of the worship we’ve been living all week.


Something to keep thinking about.  If you guys have any thoughts on this please share them with me.  I want to be able to understand this concept of a lifestyle of worship even more.  Let’s think about this and live it out together.


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Ramona said...

I read this and wondered, “Well, what exactly did Interface do? What was the attitude that made their lives worship to God even while they were not leading in musical worship?” I’m always looking for a measuring stick. If you had described a couple incidents I’d probably be comparing myself against a “standard.” Instead, I’m forced to think, “What does lifestyle worship look like in MY life?” bringing me back to your question, “How can we become better at worshipping?” And I guess that’s where we’re living it out together. Thanks.