Friday, September 4, 2009

Lord, I need more of You

Often when I'm doing my devotions I'll get songs stuck in my head, but this morning I didn't have one song, I had several. They all centered on the same theme: More of God. That's what I say I want all the time, but sometimes my prayers, attitudes and actions may not reflect that spoken desire. Today though, it's different.

There are mornings when I have to drag myself to the living room to do my devotions and labor through my Bible reading for the day. But this morning it was a true joy to read the Word of God. It wasn't because I was reading something that was incredibly relevant to a situation I'm going through. I didn't receive divine inspiration for a project I'm working on for worship or for the kids. It was just a joy to be sitting with God and reading what He wrote for me to read thousands of years ago.

And I was just sitting here at my desk and I thought about my desire for God and almost came to tears. There are times when I think about the character of God and it seems like it's just a nice list in my mind: faithfulness, goodness, justice, love, peace. But today His character is a reality in my heart and I find myself just wanting more of Him in my life.

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