Thursday, April 3, 2008

WNMD Council

Wonderful!  Pastor Dan, Nathan and I were all at District Council for Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District of the Assemblies of God the first half of this week and it was wonderful!  It was well planned and fun and artistic and a spiritually great event.  Even the business was blessed by an atmosphere of peace and joy.

Diane de La Santos, director of City on a Hill Milwaukee, gave an incredible presentation on the ministry at City on a Hill.  Larry Liebe was elected as the new district superintendent, Steve Tripp was elected as the new director of Youth and Christian Education Ministries and Jon Brown was elected as the new assistant director of YCEM.  And all of it was immersed in and completely filled with God’s Spirit.

I am blessed to be able to be a part of such a wonderful fellowship as the Assemblies of God and to be a part of the wonderful WNM District!  We have great leaders and great pastors that know how to listen to and follow God.

Thank you Lord.  Bless this transition time as our district officials and staff move into their new roles and give them wisdom and peace as they face new challenges and opportunities.  Thank you Jesus for your Sovereignty and plan.  I love you and praise you! Amen.

God bless the WNMD!

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Jason Rhode said...

Hey Laura...I just stumbled across your blog. Thanks for the report from District Council. Exciting times are indeed ahead. My grandma sure loves your church!! Keep up the great job...