Monday, September 10, 2007

The Melancholic Piano

At my parents’ home there is a terribly out of tune piano. It used to belong to my grandmother and she gave it to my family sometime around my eighth birthday… within my existing memory it’s only been tuned or looked at once since. I’m visiting my parents’ right now and when I sat down at it this morning with some worship music I struck the first chord and a small shudder went through me. Not like our grand at Highland with it’s rich, full, in tune… most of the time in tune, sound that I’ve grown accustomed to playing. The notes were sorely flat and a slightly melancholy, but I kept playing and by the time I reached the third song God’s love swept through me, not in spite of the dissonant chords, but because of them. Somehow they had turned to something beautiful in my ears and the melody I was playing reached into my soul and touched a deep joy. With tears in my eyes I continued to play, letting the slightly melancholy but incredibly joyful music fill my heart and I realized this might very well be the way we sound to God.

Our lives are most of the time not perfectly tuned to His will, but we worship Him anyways. We allow Him to play His perfect and beautiful song through our lives and that to Him is the most beautiful sound there could ever be. I think it’s when we are struggling to do our best to hit those notes that He is filled with the most joy because He knows we are loving Him. He sees that we want to sing His song, to be His instrument. Just like the melancholic piano at my parents’ house filled my heart with incredible joy and was beautiful to me, our song, even in the midst of trial and struggle and the feeling of failure, is a sweet, sweet sound in God’s ear that resonates in His heart through His love for us.

Today, sing to the King. Even if your life is madly out of tune. Fill His heart today with joy because you choose to sing His song to Him and let Him sing His song through you. You will be blessed by it too.


Laura said...

Thank you for this, it really blessed me.

DanaF said...

First off let me say I think these blogs are such agreat idea. Thank you so much for writing them. This one has really touched my heart and blessed me today. I was feeling down today and after reading your blog put a smile on my face and really made me think.
Have a blessed day!