Friday, August 24, 2007

The Circle Trilogy

I’ve just finished reading the last book in Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy.  I love it when people use the gifts God has given them to help others know and love God more.  All three books in this set, Red, White and Black give incredibly thought provoking and vivid depictions of God’s love.  What an incredible, loving God we serve!  Even when we can’t recognize it or perceive it, His love is all around us and He is adoring us.  The only reason we love Him or are able to love Him is because He first loved us.  Profound, our love for Him is a reaction to the love we receive from Him.  He has made that step, called us, chosen us, fought for us, is hurt by us and still loves us and delights in our love for Him.  I mean He’s thrilled by our love for Him!!!  He is more astounding than we can ever understand and He adores us.  Amazing.

I enjoy art e.g. visual art, drama, dance, music, prose, poetry.  However, I love and am exhilarated and brought more to life with art that illuminates God’s character and helps me to take a different or closer look at some aspect of Him.  Art that does this is precious to me.  These books fall into the illuminating art category.  Ted Dekker is able to present great and profound aspects of God through fast paced adventure and captivating prose!  What an incredible gift! 

Thank you God for giving amazing gifts to us and helping us use those gifts to know and love you more.

Use your gifts today, whatever they may be to help others know God better.

Have an awesome day!



Doris Schroeder said...

The beauty and power of words is always amazing. God has been using some of your thoughts and the comments of others to gently nudge me recently. He has my attention. Thanks.

Doreen said...

Thanks for using yours!